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HackED Beta - Student Hackathon


Hackathons are for designing, creating, and building awesome projects. HackEd Beta is the premiere annual 24-hour hackathon from the Computer Engineering Club of the University of Alberta.


This event is for hackers who choose to learn because they can, and build because they love it. Bring your creativity and create solutions to the problems that you deem important and that you want to work towards. Bring your team (up to five) and work together to overcome challenges, whether that’s in software, hardware, design or strategy. HackEd Beta is about working together and applying yourself, your skills and your creativity.


To help your journey, we take care of the details. HackEd Beta 2019 features more food, more space, more prizes and more swag. We provide you with three meals and a ton of snacks to power you through your hack. Tons of new prizes will be given out, be it for winning the hackathon, winning a round of lightning trivia, or even winning in an all new coding challenge.


Join us over the weekend of November 9th to hack your way to something new, whether you’re learning to code for the first time or flexing your hacking muscle trying to build the next big thing. Bring on the challenge, bring your ideas to life.

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