Students @ Startup - Hack Days

By Michelle Ferguson

How Hack Days can help you own your group projects

Group projects are a great way to learn interpersonal skills, practise effective communication and develop leadership capabilities — skills you will most definitely need in the workplace.

But let’s face it, they’re also a colossal pain in the butt: corralling group members, lining up schedules, ensuring every member contributes equally.

Here are three ways attending Startup Edmonton’s monthly Hack Days can help you crush that group project.

Put in some face time

While there’s a myriad of ways to connect online, nothing beats some good old-fashioned face time. Not only are working meetings a great way to iron out kinks, but they allow for better collaboration. Bounce ideas off each other and get feedback in real-time, while working on individual tasks. This way, there are no surprises the day before the project is due.

Set a clear schedule

One of the most challenging aspects of group work is scheduling. Between classes and part-time jobs, finding time to meet as a group seems next to impossible. Choosing a fixed day to meet (like the first Saturday of every month, aka Hack Day) sets clear expectations and helps you stick to a schedule.

Can’t wait until the next Hack Day? No problem. A (free!) Student Membership gets you access to the workspace every Wednesday.

Get an outside perspective

Don’t just get input from your team, access an entire startup community. Our monthly hack days bring together people at different stages of their careers and studies — something that rarely happens within the confines of the school library. Who knows, you could even meet your future co-founder, employer, or friend, while mowing down a (free!) Tofu-Manchu sandwich from Farrow.

Our monthly Hack Days are an opportunity to build, learn and tinker in a collaborative setting. They take place at Startup Edmonton, on the third floor of the Mercer Building, on the first Saturday of every month. Register for our next Hack Day on October 5.