Students @ Startup - Hack Days

Group projects are a great way to learn interpersonal skills, practise effective communication and develop leadership capabilities — skills you will most definitely need in the workplace.

But let’s face it, they’re also a colossal pain in the butt: corralling group members, lining up schedules, ensuring every member contributes equally.

Here are three ways attending Startup Edmonton’s monthly Hack Days can help you crush that group project.

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Between all the assignments, presentations and exam prep, it can be tough for students to squeeze in enough Zs.

Rather than groggily shuffle from class to class, a group of students from Harry Ainlay High School and Old Scona Academic created an app to help them get a solid eight hours.

Habit Creator is a game-enhanced habit tracker that helps users set, track and achieve personal goals. It was developed as part of HackED Beta — a 24-hour hackathon put on by the Computer Engineering Club of the University of Alberta.

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Meet Nathan

With students heading back to class, it's an excellent time to reflect on the experiences of one of our most active student members, Nathan Doraty. Nathan is a third-year student in Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta. We see Nathan on a regular basis; at Hack Days, DemoCamp, meetups, and the Student Summer Program. He's one of our biggest champions, and we're thrilled to have him as part of the community. 

To say the past few months have been busy for Nathan would be an understatement! With a little under a year in hackathon experience under his belt, Nathan and his friends won the prestigious Hack the North contest at the University of Waterloo and then were invited to theFacebook campus in Palo Alto to compete alongside some of the brightest students on the continent. We had the chance to sit down with Nathan and chat about why he makes time for hackathons and how the local startup community has impacted his approach to school. 

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Stephanie Enders
Meet Jolene

I had the chance to chat with Jolene Poulin, one of our student members. I'm excited for her to share a little bit more about her studies. Jo was in our 2017 Summer Student Program that includes our Preflight program. In this program, we deep-dive into topics like customer validation, minimum viable product and how to tell your story to customers & investors. 

Jo really jumped into the startup community and takes advantage of opportunities to connect with members and startup teams at all kinds of events, not just ones for students. It's great having her at our Member Coffee, Speaker Series, and Hack Days to show other students the ropes and welcome even more new faces into the fold. 

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Stephanie Enders